Northland Motor Technologies

BLDC and Universal Motors & Blowers for Vacuum, Pressure, and Drive Applications


The brands of Northland Motor Technologies are designed and manufactured in America with a focus on Quality, Flexibility, Dependability and Value. Our motors are a perfect fit for a wide variety of applications, including Brushless Blowers, Brushless Drive Motors, Universal Motors and Universal Blowers. We specialize in engineered solutions, and we are happy to assist in customizing our product for your specific application needs.


Northland Motor Technologies

Our Northland Brushless (BLDC) blowers offer long maintenance free life, and variable output for a wide range of vacuum or pressure applications. Standard blower designs offer brushless DC motor drives coupled to high efficiency fan systems, in compact, cost effective packages. Standard models are available in a range of input voltages. Multiple blower configurations are available, these include low and high voltage applications. We provide standard solutions up to 169″ H2O and flows up 320CFM. With this wide range of standard and customizable¬† brushless blower solutions, we have a blower that’s right for your application.


UniversalNorthland Universal motors feature a modern low-cost design with a series universal winding, and a variety of lamination, styles, and profiles. Universal motors have high starting torque and they are lightweight and powerful. These motors can be modified to fit many applications, and are currently used in appliances such as blenders, vacuum cleaners, and hand dryers. We have domestic automated and workcell production lines that can produce motors in high volumes and high mix as needed.


BLDC Drive MotorsWe offer a wide variety of high quality Brushless (BLDC) and Universal drive motors used in pumps, mixers, blenders, and vacuums. Brushless drive motors are superior alternatives to Induction motors, offering better efficiency, smaller size, better response, and improved performance. Northland Drive Motors can be custom tuned to the unique characteristics of your application. Our electromechanical design team can help you optimize your performance profile with a variety of motors, torque, speeds, and controllers. We develop our own controllers, allowing us to provide custom speed and acceleration profiles.


Northland Motors Overview

Northland Motor Technologies are an electromechanical development and manufacturing business focused on providing motors, blowers, and controls. We focus on critical OEM applications with moderate to high production rates. Our manufacturing capabilities include ongoing highly automated and work-cell production in the United States.

Northland strives to work with our customers to customize our offering to fit their needs. We use our adaptive technology and vertical integration to meet the needs of our customers. We take pride in providing the highest level of customer support to both our internal and external customers.

We are constantly striving to improve our products and incorporate the latest technologies. We are resolved to keep our organization and production methods modern and flexible, with the best quality control possible. We are a manufacturer with domestic production and global sourcing capabilities, that keep our products competitive.

Northland Company Overview