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SFEG combines expertise in transformers, power supplies, motion controls and drive systems with a U.S. based manufacturing footprint to create a platform of new product development that will fuel the future of intelligent power.

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How Does an Ignition Transformer Work?

Power distribution circuits as found in the home, a commercial establishment, etc. provide an AC voltage to the ignition transformer. "AC" stands for "alternating current," which means the voltage is constantly changing in magnitude and polarity. In this case, the voltage starts at zero, rises to a...

4 Steps for Making Manufacturing a Priority for America

“Be adept and adapt” has become the new mantra for many manufacturing communities.  This approach is alive and well in Montgomery County Pennsylvania where a group of manufacturers and local officials recently gathered to discuss how public and private resources can help support this vital...

Series LED Driver Configuration

In a past blog article, we wrote about the  four most common LED driver configurations.  We briefly touched on how each works and a few facts.  In the next few weeks, we will be drilling down into more detail on each to help you understand the best configuration for your LED lamp. To...