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SFEG combines expertise in transformers, power supplies, motion controls and drive systems with a U.S. based manufacturing footprint to create a platform of new product development that will fuel the future of intelligent power.


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Pulse Width Modulation: What It Is and What It's Used In

Pulse width modulation can be described as a fixed frequency chain of pulses where the width of the pulse is modulated, but what exactly does that mean? PWM is a technique that sounds complicated, but really is rather simple to understand.  It is essentially taking in a voltage (typically a DC...

How to Use 5S Methodology to Kickstart a Culture of Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is a term that we hear spoken around the operation and manufacturing floor but what is it?  In its most simplest form, it is an umbrella approach to driving continuous improvement in operations.  In one of last week’s  blogs, Al Veres, VP of Operations,...

The Dying Beauty of Neon Signs

SFEG's brand, France Power Solutions, has been around for over 100 years.  Our company was there for the prime of neon signage. And we are now going through the transition were LED is going to boom.  Just because neon is no longer the most cost effective, efficient and trendy choice...