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SFEG combines expertise in transformers, power supplies, motion controls and drive systems with a U.S. based manufacturing footprint to create a platform of new product development that will fuel the future of intelligent power.

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Brushless DC Motors and How They Commutate

What is a Brushless DC Motor? A Brushless DC (BLDC) motor is a variety of electric motors typically used for applications that necessitate high reliability, efficiency, and power-to-volume ratio. Additionally, a BLDC motor is considered to be a high performance motor that is capable of providing...

Calling All Women - American Manufacturing Needs You!

We've talked about the skills gap a bunch throughout our blogs.  It is a major issue with American manufacturing.  Groups like Manufacturing Day and even the President and his Administration are trying to solve this problem by creating awareness of manufacturing and the types of jobs...

How to Calculate the Cost of Operating a Neon Sign Transformer

How to Calculate the Cost of Operating a Neon Transformer The illuminated sign energy consumption and cost calculation is simple but can cause confusion when considering the different elements involved in neon sign transformers, including power factor correction, ballast factor, and efficiency of...