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The Latest From Our Blog

Difference of Constant Voltage vs. Constant Current Driver for LED

There are numerous types of drivers within the market to choose from for LED light fixtures.  However, while LEDs are considered constant current driven devices, why do manufacturers offer both constant voltage and constant-current drivers for LEDs and what is the difference?   Constant...

Top Three Concerns of American Manufacturers for 2015

National Association of Manufacturers and Industry Week partnered together and released the "NAM/IndustryWeek 3Q 2014 Survey."  I learned a lot of interesting information from the article posted on Industry Week and wanted to share what I gleamed from it.   The article mostly focuses on...

How To Find the Correct Neon Transformer Using the Luminous Tube Footage Chart

There are times when there is a need for a neon transformer but the correct voltage is unkown.  The first way to quickly determine the correct transformer is to look up the information using the Luminous Tube Footage Chart. Here are the steps to follow when using the chart: Determine tubing...