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Scott Fetzer Electrical Group is comprised of France Power Solutions, Northland Motor Technologies and Kingston. We combine expertise in transformers, power supplies, motion controls and drive systems with a U.S. based manufacturing footprint to create a platform of new product development that will fuel the future of intelligent power. 

We put a select few of our Northland Mercury blowers on Amazon.com for those customers who only need to purchase a few.  

Please take a look at the selection available. 

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Looking for a distributor that sells our France product lines? Look no further. This resource will list the partners closest to you; whether you are located in the U.S. or Canada.

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 Custom Design 

Let our experienced and technical design engineers help you select the options and features that meet your needs.  We work with any and all applications.

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Find all your hearts desire in our Product Specifics tab. Everything from product data sheets, installation & troubleshooting documents, to brochures and case studies.

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